Dubai is a vibrant and dynamic city located in the United Arab Emirates. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning architecture, luxurious shopping centers, and exciting experiences. With temperatures ranging from a mild winter to a sizzling summer, the best time to visit Dubai for tourism depends on what kind of experience you are looking for.

Winter and Summer is always the best time to visit Dubai as the temperature is not too hot. Nov to Feb is considered the best time to visit Dubai. In November average temperature sits at around 25°C, with highs of 30°C and lows of a comfortable 19°C. This means November is an excellent choice for those looking to soak up some sunshine – with reliable suncream to hand, of course.

There are also a lot festivals in these months including world cups, events, and the new year.

Monthly Weather in Dubai

Month Average temperature Sea temperature
January 19°C21°C
February 20°C21°C
March 23°C22°C
April 26°C25°C
May 31°C28°C
June 33°C31°C
July 35°C32°C
August 36°C33°C
September 33°C32°C
October 29°C30°C
November 25°C27°C
December 21°C23°C

When is Dubai’s peak tourist season?

November to April is the best time to visit if you plan a trip to Dubai. This is also the peak tourist season and the city is bustling with activities such as the Dubai Shopping Festival, the Dubai Food Festival, and the Dubai International Film Festival. The city also has many festivals and events such as the Dubai Rugby Sevens and the Dubai World Cup.

You can enjoy a lot of activities like theme parks, festivals, Desert Safari, creek park, and more etc.

June to September: These are the summer months and it can get extremely hot in Dubai. This is not the ideal time to visit if you’re looking to spend time outdoors, but it is the best time to find deals on accommodations and flights.

The best time to visit Dubai if…

You’re a beach lover – Oct to April

The best time to visit Dubai for beach lovers is from October to April. During these months, the weather is sunny and warm, making it the perfect time for swimming and sunbathing With average temperatures of 26°C and sea temperatures of 25°C.

You love theme parks – July – August 

Waterparks are always the best to travel in July – August. As the queue line of booking tickets will be low and that’s a bonus.

Or if you love theme parks is during the cooler months of the year, specifically between October and April. During this time, the weather is more comfortable for spending time at outdoor theme parks, such as:

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure: This is the largest indoor theme park in the world, and it’s open year-round.
  • Motiongate Dubai: This is a Hollywood-inspired theme park with attractions based on popular movies.
  • Bollywood Parks Dubai: This is a Bollywood-themed park with rides and attractions based on popular Indian films.
  • LEGOLAND Dubai: This is a LEGOLAND park for children, with rides and attractions based on the popular building blocks.
  • Legoland Water Park: Water park inside the LEGOLAND
  • Six Flags Dubai: This is an upcoming theme park, set to open in 2023, that will feature roller coasters and other attractions.

Additionally, during the cooler months, many theme parks hold special events and promotions, making it an even more attractive time to visit.

You want to sightsee – November

Dubai is full of sightseeing from Burj Khalifa to Ferris Wheel there are plenty. November is the best for sightseeing wandering around the Walk at JBR, a waterfront, the Marina, Palace Downtown, shops, restaurants, and the biggest malls is a pleasant experience.

You love to shop – January 

Visit in January to experience the month-long Dubai Shopping Festival, where the many malls and designer shops in and around the city offer discounts on items – much better than the January sales back home!

Some of the things you could do when you visit Dubai.

In terms of activities, Dubai offers a wide range of options for visitors. Some popular activities include:

  • Visiting the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world
  • Shopping at the Dubai Mall or the souks
  • Visiting the Palm Jumeirah and the Burj Al Arab
  • Going on a desert safari
  • Visiting the Dubai Museum and the Dubai Creek
  • Skiing at the indoor ski resort Ski Dubai
  • Enjoying the nightlife at the many bars and clubs in the city.

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