Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need an off-road bike to compete in EnduroCross. Many modern motocross bikes, such as this ’08 Suzuki RM250 two-stroke, are only a few steps away from being rocky-race ready, thanks mostly to their low weight, nimble handling, easy starting and snappy power. With a relatively minimal amount of modification, the Suzuki MXer was transformed into what many would consider to be the ultimate privateer EnduroCross bike.

Here’s how:

1.Race Tech Suspension: Valved for a 155- pound off-road expert, this plush setup rides way smoother over obstacles than stock, yet still takes harder hits and big drops. As Borat would say, “Very nice!”

2. T.M. Design Works Chain Slide-N-Guide: Metal bends, plastic doesn’t. Enough said.

3. Guts Step-Seat And Gripper Cover: When getting your feet to the pegs isn’t really an option, a gripper step-seat can do wonders for bike control. This foam was custom cut for less height in the rear.

4. Steahly Flywheel Weight: A heavyweight flywheel is a must for slow, lugging conditions. The 10-ounce weight works well for Enduro Cross applications.

5. Fastway/Pro Moto Billet Guards (bark busters, hand shields, rear disc guard and brake snake): Arm yourself…the rocks are coming!

6. ProTaper Controls (bar, grips and sprockets): This Woods-Hi Bend bar is higher and narrower than stock, and the heavy-duty 13/51 gearing combo offers a bit better pull off the bottom.

7. Works Connection Radiator Braces, EZ Holeshot, Skid Plate, Rear Caliper Guard And Frame Guards: It’s possible to protect your bike too much (read: heavy), but a minimal assortment of guards will save you money in the long run. Also, the holeshot holder is mandatory for a good start!

8. Dunlop Tires: Traction is a must, and good rubber is essential for traction. This 742F front and D803 trials rear combo works well on everything from loose boulders to deep sand.

9. 18-inch Rear Wheel: If you can mount an 18-inch trials tire on a 19-inch stock wheel, you’re either very good at changing tires or very strong. For those of us who are neither, a smaller wheel is key.

10. FMF Gnarly Pipe, PowerCore Silencer And Graphics: Some of those logs are pretty big, and a little extra bark goes a long way in getting over them. And yes, the graphics do add an extra bit of horsepower.

Interview: David Knight
America’s Latest Off-Road Champ (Who Isn’t American)
Dirt Rider: How’s the year been so far?
David Knight: Juha Salminen definitely raised the bar in the GNCC series, and as a European I was always aware that none of the U.S. riders were going to want to get beaten by me, so I was expecting to have a fight on my hands. I wasn’t expecting the year to be quite as challenging as it was, but things worked out in the end. My priority was always to win the U.S. GNCC series this year, so it was hard to really prepare myself for the first two rounds of the EnduroCross series because of my cross-country schedule.

In EnduroCross things have gone well, as I’ve won both of the opening rounds without too many problems. Everyone knows that I enjoy the challenge of competing in indoor events, and because of my previous successes there’s a fair bit of pressure on me to perform.

Now that I’ve wrapped up the GNCC championship, I have the time to really prepare myself properly for the Las Vegas final, which I’m really looking forward to. I think that, having won the first two rounds, a lot of people are looking at me to make a clean sweep of the series and collect the $50K prize. Of course, I’ll try my best to win the event but anything can happen when you’re racing indoors. I’d love to take home the money, but if I don’t win, I won’t be too disappointed. I got the GNCC championship.

DR: And you’re doing it on a four-stroke.

Have you ever wondered what it would cost to drive a Trophy Truck? How much horsepower do class 10’s put out? Just how much travel do those beam cars really pull? I introduce the “classes article,” aimed to inform the off-road community about what kind of money it takes to build and maintain a certain vehicle and show just what they are each capable of.

Countless drivers were polled for this article in order to gain accurate information, and I thank every one of them. In researching every class I learned a lot; in particular, limited VW motor information can be especially tricky. As one driver put it, “Limited motor power seems to be based on who sells the best lemon,” while another countered “Then there’s what’s legal and what’s questionable. It’s ridiculous.”

As can be expected, there are vehicles out of the norms listed below, and while this is a general article it is intended to be as accurate as possible while still including the full breadth of each class. Cost numbers are intended to be turn key and all-inclusive for prep; in some cases, prices reflect full shop work, while in others it’s do-it-yourself. This is normal; a trophy truck usually isn’t built in someone’s garage, but a class 11 is. Classes are listed in starting order, weights are dry. Subtract 3-5 horsepower for a single port in the VW-based classes.

Trophy Truck: Unlimited single and two seat vehicles. Vehicles must have a production appearing utility or sports utility body.

Aka: Trick Truck, 1400 (BITD)
Horsepower: 650-850
Wheel Travel: 24-28 Front, 32-36 Rear
Weight: 4500-8000
Top Speed: 135
Cost New: $250,000 – unlimited budget
Cost Per Prep: $25,000

Basic Rules: Motor must be of the same manufacturer as that of the body.

Class 1: Unlimited 4 wheel single and two seat vehicles.


Aka: 1500 (BITD)
Horsepower: 350-800
Wheel Travel: 20-24 Front, 22-26 Rear
Weight: 2500-5500
Top Speed: 120-130
Cost New: $125,000-250,000
Cost Per Prep: $7,500-15,000

Basic Rules: No production bodied vehicles allowed in this class. Live axle(3 or 4 linked) or dual pivot trailing arm rear suspension systems allowed.

Class 10: Single or two seat buggies limited in engine size. There are 3 different limiting motor choices per configuration (single or two seat).

Horsepower: 200-250
Wheel Travel: 20-24 Front, 20-24 Rear
Weight: 1900-2100
Top Speed: 110
Cost New: $75,000-125,000
Cost Per Prep: $5,000-10,000

Basic Rules: Motor limited to 4 cylinders, with a minimum production of 5,000 units (specifics below). No fenders allowed.

Single seat:
– 1650cc 16 valve water-cooled with single carburetor or stock fuel injection
– 1700cc 8 valve water-cooled with single carburetor
– 1915cc air-cooled pushrod with single or dual carburetors

Two seat:
– 1750cc 16 valve water-cooled with single carburetor or stock fuel injection
– 1800cc 8 valve water-cooled with single carburetor
– 2000cc air-cooled pushrod with single or dual carburetors or stock fuel injection

Class 8: Full-size 2-wheel drive trucks that must retain original front end concept (I-beam, a-arm, etc). Must retain entire length of stock framerails as well as be a readily available vehicle in the U.S.A.(at least 5,000 units sold in a 12 month period.)

Horsepower: 500-650
Wheel Travel: 22-26 Front, 26-32 Rear
Weight: 5500-6500
Top Speed: 130
Cost New: $100,000-300,000
Cost Per Prep: $5,000-15,000

Basic Rules: Manufacturer’s body, engine, and chassis combination must be retained. Wheelbase must be +/- 2” of that of the stock vehicle.

Engine Rules: Engine must be of the same manufacturer as the body and chassis and the engine block must be made of the same material(cast iron, aluminum, etc.) of that installed in that particular vehicle as stock. Any make of automotive carburetor may be used but is restricted to one (1) four-barrel carb. Stock fuel injection may be used as well.

Protruck: Limited production spec-truck.

Aka: 1200 (BITD)
Horsepower: 400-500
Wheel Travel: 21 Front, 24 Rear
Weight: 3800 Pounds
Top Speed: 125
Cost New: $125,000
Cost Per Prep: $5,000-15,000

Score Lite: Single or two seat vehicles limited to air cooled engines.

Aka: 1100 (BITD)
Horsepower: 135 Single-seat, 150 Two-seat
Wheel Travel: 12-18 Front, 18-24 Rear
Weight: 1650-2100
Top Speed: 90
Cost New: $40,000-80,000
Cost Per Prep: $3,500-7,000

Basic Rules: Front suspension is limited to VW Type configuration; suspension must be of the twin beam, trialing arm type. Front and rear trailing arms are open(length, width, and manufacturer) as well as spindles.

Engine must be a VW type 1 and limited to the following:
Single Seat:
– Has a maximum of 2 valves per cylinder.
– Displacement must not exceed 1776cc.
– Limited to 1 carburetor; any manufacturer is acceptable.

Two Seat:
– Has a maximum of 2 valves per cylinder.
– Displacement must not exceed 1835cc.
– Limited to 1 carburetor; any manufacturer is acceptable.

This is a rear engine class only, and must be placed behind the axle centerline.

Class 5: Vehicle must be a VW Sedan Type 1 Hardtop or Convertible as delivered from the factory.

Horsepower: 175-250
Wheel Travel: 12-18 Front, 18-24 Rear
Weight: 2200-2400
Top Speed: 105
Cost New: $50,000-90,000
Cost Per Prep: $4,000-8,000

Basic Rules: Front and rear suspension is open, as long as it retains stock concept. Length, width, and the manufacturer are open, as long as the wheelbase does not exceed 105 1/2” at ride height.

Engine Rules: Any manufacturer air cooled, 4 cylinders, single cam, pushrod, VW concept engine is allowed. VW 4 cylinder water cooled engines may also be used. Displacement is open.

Class 7: Unlimited mini or mid-size trucks/SUV

Aka: 7200 (BITD)
Horsepower: 250-550
Wheel Travel: 18-26 Front, 24-35 Rear
Weight: 4,000-5,500
Top Speed: 120
Cost New: $60,000-150,000
Cost Per Prep: $4,000-8,000

Basic Rules:

– Stock frame must be retained and no material may be added or removed. Crossmembers are the exception.
– Wheelbase must be within 2 inches of stock configuration.
– Track width is limited to 78 inches.
Engine and Drivetrain:
– Engine is limited to 6 cylinders; displacement is limited to 4.5 liters.
– Engine must be located within 1 inch of stock mounting location.
– Transmission is open. Front differential must remain stock but may be strengthened.
– Rear axle assembly must use a standard automotive production housing and third member.
– Front suspension must retain the original stock concept (a-arms, i-beam, etc.).
– Shock may not protrude through the hood.
– Rear suspension is open.

BITD Rules (new for 2007):
– Engine is limited to 6 cylinders; displacement is open.
– Track width is limited to 85 inches.
– Vehicle must have fenders.

1/2-1600: Single or two-seat buggies limited to 1600cc Type 1 engine and Type 1 suspension components.

Aka: 2000 (BITD)
Horsepower: 77-82 Single seat (dual port), 82-87 Two-seat (dual port)
Wheel Travel: 9-10 Front, 16-21 Rear
Weight: 1550-1600
Top Speed: 75-85
Cost New: $30,000-60,000
Cost Per Prep: $2,500-6,000

Basic Rules:

Suspension Components:
– A suspension is based on VW Type 1 ball join or link pin style
– Any manufacturer’s beam of 2 steel torsion tubes may be used but must retain stock VW width.
– Front trailing arms may be reinforced or replaced but must retain stock length and width.
– Track width will be measured from wheel mounting surface to the opposite; maximum is 55 1/2″.
– The suspension is based on VW Type 1 (IRS) or swing axle
– Trailing arms may be replaced or reinforced as long as the length is retained at +/- 1″.
– Torsion tube may be replaced or reinforced and torsion adjusters may be installed; any manufacturer may be used.
– Trackwidth may not exceed 58 1/4” and is measured wheel mounting face to the opposite side.
– Entire outer cv must remain inside of the trailing arm inner bearing; no mid-board or out-board hubs allowed.

5-1600: Baja bugs limited to 1600cc type 1 motor and type 1 suspension parts. Must retain working doors, stock floor pan and baja bug fenders.

Aka: 5150 (BITD)
Horsepower: 85-90 (dual port)
Wheel Travel: 9-10 Front, 15-18.5 Rear
Weight: 1750-1900
Top Speed: 80-85
Cost New: $20,000-50,000
Cost Per Prep: $2,000-4,000

Basic Rules:

Suspension Components:
– Suspension is based on VW Type 1 ball join or link pin style
– Any manufacturer’s beam of 2 steel torsion tubes may be used but must retain stock VW width.
– Front trailing arms may be reinforced or replaced but must retain stock length and width.
– Track width will be measured from wheel mounting surface to the opposite; maximum is 55 1/2″.
– The suspension is based on VW Type 1 (IRS) or swing axle
– Trailing arms may be replaced or reinforced as long as the length is retained at +/- 1″.
– Torsion tube may be replaced or reinforced and torsion adjusters may be installed; any manufacturer may be used.
– Trackwidth may not exceed 58 1/4” and is measured wheel mounting face to the opposite side.
– Entire outer cv must remain inside of the trailing arm inner bearing; no mid-board or out-board hubs allowed.

7S: Vehicles built from a 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive mini or mid-sized pickup having a maximum stock wheelbase of 127”.

Aka: 7100 (BITD)
Horsepower: 175-265
Wheel Travel: 12 Front, 16-20 Rear
Weight: 3200-4000
Top Speed: 100+
Cost New: $20,000-60,000
Cost Per Prep: $2,000-5,000

Basic Rules:

Suspensions Components:
– Front and Rear suspension must be of the same manufacturer, shape, size and configuration as the stock vehicle being used.
– All suspension components except shocks and rear leaf springs will reamin in original stock locations and mounting methods.
– A-arms, I-beams, and front axles must remain stock length; material may be added for strength and stock mounting locations retained.
– Rear springs may be lengthened to that of the longest stock production rear leaf spring as delivered by the manufacturer. (57 1/2″)
– Must be of the same manufacturer basic design and type with a max of 6 cylinders.
– Must use the stock block and cylinder heads as delivered for highway use from the manufacturer.
– Updating and predating is allowed within the vehicle chassis and body series.
– The maximum displacement of 3000cc.

Jeepspeed: Production Jeep Cherokee XJ models from 1984-2001.

Horsepower: 250-260 Pro, 200-225 Sportsman
Wheel Travel: 10 Front, 12 Rear
Weight: 3500+
Top Speed: 100+
Cost New: Vehicle + $15,000 Pro, $10,000 Sportsman
Cost Per Prep: $1,000-2,500

Basic Rules:

Suspension Components:
– Any manufacturer suspension lift kit may be used provided it is readily available to the general public. Kit components must be installed per manufacturer�s instructions.
– Maximum front travel is 10�.
– Springs are open (diameter, rate, length, etc.) but must remain in the stock location.
– A single shock absorber per side is allowed with a maximum diameter of 3� non-bypass or 2-1/2 inches with bypass. Remote reservoirs are allowed with a maximum diameter of 3� and a maximum length of 16�.
– Leaf springs may be of any manufacture, but may only have a maximum length of 55� eye to eye measured along the curvature of the main leaf. Rear shackle length may be 6� maximum when measured eye to eye.
– Maximum rear suspension travel is 12�.
– Maximum engine displacement is 4097cc (250 cu in.) This would allow a 4.0-liter engine to be rebuilt with .060 oversized pistons with a little extra for honing cleanup.
– Stock block and cylinder head must be retained.
– Engine must be in stock location +/- 1. Motor mounts are open.
– Engine radiator must be in stock location +/- 1. Aluminum replacement radiators are not allowed.
– Only street legal, unleaded pump gas may be used.

Class 9

Aka: Challenger
Horsepower: 72-76 (dual port)
Wheel Travel: 5.5 Front, 9.5 Rear
Weight: 1450-1600 Pounds
Top Speed: 80+
Cost New: $8,000-15,000
Cost Per Prep: $1,000-2,500

Basic Rules:

Engine and Drivetrain:
– Nearly stock type 1 1600cc engine is required. Case is open. Camshaft is open. Compression is limited to 7.5 to 1. Dual port heads are allowed.
– Transmission is limited to swing-axle. Stock 1st and 2nd gears must be retained. 3rd and 4th are open. R&P; must be 4.12 or 4.37. Case is open.
– Stock type 1 suspension components must be used throughout. No modifications are allowed to stock parts except for the spindles. The may be reinforced and the speedometer hole filled. Must run ball-joint front end. Strengthening of the beam is allowed by way of one tube attached at each shock tower. Must use stock front shock mounts.
– Rear shock mounts are open. Spring plates are open. Torsion adjusters are allowed.
– Maximum shock size is 2.5 inches. No external bypass allowed. No hydraulic bump stops allowed.
– Brakes must remain stock VW but type 3 and thing drums are allowed. Drilling is allowed. May use 4 or 5 lugs.
– No aluminum wheels are allowed.
– No power steering allowed. Tie rods and tie rod ends/heim joints are open.

Class 11: Stock production VW bug with roll cage and upgraded shocks and tires.

Horsepower: 72-76
Wheel Travel: 5.5 Front, 5 Rear
Weight: 1950-2100 Pounds
Top Speed: 90
Cost New: Vehicle + $3,000-5,000
Cost Per Prep: $500-2,500

Basic Rules:

– Front axle tubes may be cut, rotated, re-welded to increase ground clearance or front torsion adjusters may be installed.
– Shock tower may be gusseted and supported but gussets may not extended more than 2” above the torsion tube.
– Stock front spindles and trailing arms must be retained.
– Any rear suspension torsion bars, spring plates, and torsion bar adjusters may be used and installed.
– Rear torsion tube may be supported, only by that tube meeting a part o the roll-cage.
– Lower shock mounts on 1969 and older models may be shortened by no more than 1.5”. – Only one shock absorber per wheel is allowed. Cooling fins and resevoirs are allowed.

Engine and Drivetrain:
– Must be of VW Type 1, 1600cc components and dimensions.
– Cylinder heads must be a single port.
– Stock carburetor must be used, with maximum venturi size of 24.10 mm.
– Must use stock fan shroud.
– Air cleaner may be of any manufacturer and any size; location is open.
– Transmission must be a stock Type 1, 4-speed bug.

Sportsman Truck: Open trucks that are usually pre-runners. There are rule variations between sanctioning organizations. Specs may vary greatly.

Aka: 1450 (MDR), 1500 (SCORE)
Horsepower: 150-300+
Wheel Travel: 13-20 Front, 14-30 Rear
Weight: 3000-4500 Pounds
Top Speed: 110+
Cost New: Vehicle + $5,000-40,000
Cost Per Prep: $500-5,000

Ok, when we talk about the services and priorities so no doubt there are so many things that need to be considered. But among the series of the long list, the essential things which need to be focused areas jotted down. So let’s get the ball rolling and have a look at the priorities and effective ways that give you a VIP and reputable Desert Safari packages.

We would love to state that Arabian Desert Safari offers the best desert safaris however in all actuality;

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On the other hand, the small private camps which we offer are for (- 100 visitors). These camps are more elevated, more customized and cozy. These are one of the finest options for the couples, all around voyaged visitors, for all the families and also for some extraordinary events.

  • Private one:

This is actually a definitive safari encounter. In this, you will encounter a staff to the visitor of around the no of 4 to 1. Rest of this, in this, we also have taken care of, your experience, protection, and qualities are guaranteed.

Well, we as an Arabian Desert Safari are running a private organization in which we try to offer you the standardized and effective facilities that help you to make your desert safari trips incredibly with so much thrilling and adrenaline rush experiences.

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Our categories – hill bashing or natural life safari

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Are you considering a Camel Desert Safari when visiting Dubai? Do you want to know how the camels are looked after?

Camels are an important part of the Emirati cultural heritage. For centuries, these ships of the desert have served Emiratis in a number of ways. Traditionally camels are loyal travel companions and modes of transport for Bedouin traversing the desert, their nourishing milk is still considered a health elixir and camel meat provided food which was scarce in the desert. Nowadays the camel is still highly regarded and seen as a symbol of Dubai’s cultural heritage. This strong cultural connection to Dubai makes encounters with camels very attractive for tourists.

Watching a camel race, visiting a camel farm or enjoying a Camel Desert Safari are some of the ways to understand this connection. Unfortunately, many camels are exploited by companies or individuals as merely profitable tourist attractions and are not looked after properly and overworked. At Platinum Heritage, the wellness and treatment of our camels is of high importance to us.

These are 9 ways we make sure our camels are the happiest camels in Dubai:

  • They all live together at a lovely designated farm in the area.
  • They are showered every day with medical shampoos – this keeps them healthy and clean.
  • They all have medical reports and receive a doctor’s inspection monthly.
  • They receive vaccinations, blood tests, general check-ups, and any medicine/vitamins needed to maintain their health.
  • They are fed twice a day in the morning and afternoon and given lots of water.
  • Their food is high-quality alfalfa grass usually used for racing camels.
  • It is high in protein to enhance performance.
  • Each staff member gets their own camels which they are responsible for and they take this job of looking after their camels very seriously.
  • Our saddles are a soft spongy material which ensures that the camels are very comfortable.
  • They have rest days and on working days they are only ridden for maximum 1 hr in the afternoon or morning.

Opera Dubai is an art center which supports multi-art formats under one roof. Its location is in downtown Dubai and the district where it is located is Opera Street. It has a space of 2000 people to seat in and enjoy the show. It is famous for its beautiful architecture and spacious building of 60,000 sq. meters. Various types of art shows take place in this center known as Opera Dubai.

Why Opera Dubai is a Centre of Attraction:

It is located in the busiest street where almost all tourists roam around. The building of Opera Dubai is the location near Burj Khalifa and the famous Dubai Foundation. This area has many other attractive localities such as famous hotels, galleries, and museum.

Whenever any famous singer or art performer wants to perform their show in Dubai they choose the Opera Dubai. The spacious area let them conduct a successful show and most people are aware of the show because of its location.

How can you attend an event in Dubai Opera?

You can easily become aware of their next event simply by visiting their official website. If you are interested in attending the upcoming event you can scroll down to the booking option. The booking option will lead you to the ticket booking site where you can book your preferred seat in the opera Dubai.  Your ticket will be emailed and you can simply visit the venue on the date of the show.

If you don’t want to book it beforehand you can also arrive at the venue and book a ticket on the same date of the event or a day before when the tickets are ready for sale.

Splendid Past events and exciting upcoming events:

They have previously hosted many events such as off classical ballet dancing. They are also hosting such events in the upcoming days and you can book your tickets directly from the website. Other events that they usually host include musical theatre and artists from all over the world arrive at this mesmerizing venue to perform their art in front of a large number of audience. Currently, an event known as TAJ EXPRESS is available for booking with their website.

Some other genre of art includes rock or pop and jazz music and even many singers from the Arab world arrive at this place and perform their art. The costs of the tickets are known to be reasonable among the visitors and they have reported a joyful visit to the opera Dubai. There are some restrictions for the visitors which is good to be followed prior to arriving at the venue such as:

  • If you are under 16 a guardian or parent must accompany you otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter the place. Children under 2 years of age are not allowed to enter.
  • You are not allowed to bring with you from outside as there are several restaurants inside the Opera Dubai and you can buy from it.
  • There is no specific dress code but still, you should be following a moderate way of dressing.

When it comes to the adventure so there is no doubt people love to do thrilling adventures. Those who have a strong heart and daring enough to challenge the fear prefer to visit the places that give them the goosebumps. To consider this factual reality, both the native (local) and tourist have a lot more to explore as Dubai is the land which is full of colors and has a variety of adventurous places. So, except the deep sea fishing, fat tyre biking, hot air balloon, Autodrome, Hatta mountain, mountain biking, deep sea fishing, sightseeing, parks, water lands, and shopping there are a lot more which Dubai offers you to explore.

In my today’s article here I am jotting down the top 5 thrilling and adrenaline rush places in Dubai that give you the everlasting breathtaking experience.

So have a look at these places and then plan your trip to enjoy and avail the stupendous and adventures experience. The places which I’m heralding here are;

  • Skydiving
  • Al-Qudra cycling
  • Desert Safari
  • Sand-boarding
  • Fly-boarding
  • Sky Diving:

The experience to see the beauty and the sight scene from the top after jumping free fall is one of the daring adventures. Those who want to see the land of Dubai from the top have to do this experience. There is the top-most longest building Burj-Khalifa, the world islands, deserts landscape, and the glaring palm Dubai are the spots who allow you to do the sky diving with your companions or individually. To see the land from the sky is one of the outrageous and shaking experiences that can easily increase your heartbeat and gives you the lifetime most memorable memory.

But before going to attempt this make yourself fully sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions and security precautions mannerly.

  • Al-Qudra Cycling:

This Al-Qudra long track 80km (paved) is one of the best and finest choices for those who are the pedal lovers, and crazy to explore the fascinating far sighting and landscapes view while cycling. To do this long cycling exercise is one of the most challenging tasks which can’t be done easily. As people say that it looks quite easy to do but it is one of the most difficult tasks to do. So if you are a cycling lover and want to see the wild horses, adventurous landscape deserts and a side view of mountains then feel free to avail of this thrilling activity.

But before going to put you in keeps yourself ensure to understand all the credentials and precautions.

  • Desert Safari:

Desert safari is also the place which considers in the list of top 5 thrilling and adrenaline rush places in Dubai. Every year a bunch of people come and visit the desert safari places and enjoy their vacations. As this is the place which not only gives you the thrill, adventure, and fun but also gives you the varieties of exercises that can easily entice your mood and energize you mannerly. So if you are visiting Dubai with your companions and family then must visit this desert safari place as it offers you the thrill of dune bashing, 4×4 desert wheeling experience, adventure of quad biking, entertainment, buffet dinner and breakfast, the fun of camel riding and also to give you the view of moonlight undercover stars night and a fresh dazzling sand morning.

There are no doubt so many reputable tour guides who offer you the best and affordable desert safari deals so before going to avail anyone makes sure to do you’re a little bit surfing homework and then pick the one which offers you the best.

  • Sand boarding:

Tourist love to explore this thrilling activity especially those who are coming from Europe and cold areas prefer to avail the sand-boarding exercise. As it does not only replenish your mood but also gives you an outstanding experience to run your sand-board on the huge and big sand dunes. Dubai is a well-known sandy (desert) land which is rich from the sand source. To run your sand-board under the clear hot and sandy smooth surfaced will absolutely give you the challenging, tough and thrilling experience.

But before going to avail this activity make sure to concern any reliable desert sand-board services that give you the complete guidance and also keeps you update about the surrounding circumstances.

  • Fly boarding:

There are few people who love to feel the air thrill, to make these things easy for them fly boarding is the best adventurous sport. This fly board is basically connected with a hose and attached with a Jet Ski engine. So when the engine starts it automatically pumps the water out from the hose with a great force and that force becomes the source or reason to propel the air height around 10 meters which actually gives you the goosebumps experience. For this activity, the spots locations are the Dubai coasts side which allows a person to fly like an Ironman.

Those who are daring enough and love to feel the fun and adventure can try this activity.

Rest, for more thrilling and adventurous updates, stay in touch with our website as we have a lot more to share.

Well, when we talk about the beaches so it is wide clear that Dubai is also one of the centers of attraction point in front of tourist as it has the beauty of beaches. This Middle East country has a lot more to explore and that is why every passing year a heap of people come and set their destination Dubai and prefer to spend their days and nights.

But the thing is what is the actual point and why people prefer to spend their time on the land of Dubai beaches so to continue this riddle, I am going to herald you few facts that why Dubai is one of the top-list tourist destination and what makes Dubai more unique and fascinating.

Kite Beach – The hotspot for kite-surfing and shifted donning exercises at the shoreline

There are no doubts so many beaches and corniche places and points in Dubai. But among the series of them, Kite Beach is one of the most fascinated and charming places which attracts the local and foreigners most. Kite Beach is basically alongside Umm Suqeim Beach and it is the most mainstream spot for kite-surfing in Dubai. People love and prefer to spend time there. The beach place simply discovers a place of beauty and nature. Rest of this, on the other hand, the other preferred and stupendous standpoint of this shoreline/ beach is the incredible perspective of Burj Al Arab.

What makes this beach different?

In spite of this, about visiting there, so you can visit Kite Beach via auto or open transport easily. There are a lot of auto parking spots, which are allowed to various spots where you need to pay.

In spite of this, at the one side of the Kite Beach is a zone where you can enjoy the sun-loungers and parasols and on the opposite side is the Kite Zone where you can likewise ordinarily swim without issues. Anyway toward the evening, when the breeze gets, the kite-surfers overwhelm the scene here that adds the true beauty of this beach or actually makes it unique and different from other beaches spot. Rests of this, there are also points for different exercises, for example, banana pontoons, doughnuts, remote ocean angling and kayaking as well.

A happy family beach:

Furthermore, this Kite Beach is also known as the happy families beach spot or a children favorite beach point because it also offers the different physical exercises in the water as well. There you will discover trampolines, bungee trampolines, an extensive climbing park and you can play volleyball or the skate stop. Along the shoreline there is also a prominent running track which is the best side point for the sports-lovers.

But this is not the end, still, a lot more is left to explore; there at Kite Beach you can also enjoy the tremendous eating, like Asian and Arab dishes, and sweet treats. In short, it is not wrong to say that Kite Beach has something for everybody’s taste that is why it is considered an ideal place to spend an extraordinary day with companions or family.

Except this, there at Kite Beach, you can also avail the facilities of

  • Rental Loungers and Umbrellas
  • Green paid to stop
  • Life Guards
  • Beach Library
  • Free Wi-Fi and charging
  • Benches – Walkway
  • Snacks– Restaurants – Refreshments booths
  • Food Trucks
  • Burger joints – Gelato counters
  • Kite Surfing
  • Banana watercrafts
  • Stand-up paddle-boarding (SUP)
  • Water skiing
  • Wake-boarding
  • Children’s play zone
  • Running track with Workout machines
  • Gliding climbing
  • Beach volleyball courts, Trampoline zone
  • Football, Beach rec center
  • 3100m2 Skate Park

So if you’re searching for a more relaxed place then without any asking this Kite Beach is the best spot for you to visit as it offers peacefulness and an easygoing beachside environment. Whatever beachside movement you wish to appreciate, at this stretch of sand you’ll surely get some astonishing memories.

After this long haul, in short, this flawless stretch of white sand is super clean and has loads of exercises. There are showers, toilets, and evolving offices, so if you want to add a few cherished moments in your life then must visit Kite Beach.

Well, when we talk about the Dubai so there is nothing wrong to say this that every year many individuals arranging their own noteworthy visit and picking the Dubai as their main focus of goal for the sake of tourism. Why? Because we can’t deny that Dubai is making his own particular manner to pull in a large number of visitor consistently. We as a whole realize that in Dubai, Dubai Desert Safari has a considerable measure to offer with regards to Tourist Attractions.

But there is one thing which is common and considers as a favorite spot for every tourist to check is the Desert place. This is the place where every tourist wants to come and enjoys the desert Dune Bashing; start lit evening dinner and best night adventures with their families and friends.

To continue this tail, on the other hand, as a tourist having a noteworthy and conspicuous time in Desert Safari would really help you to full your yearnings of your experience adrenaline. Most of the time even majorities of the people prefer to avail the overnight packages just for the sake to encounter and explore the thrilling adventures while driving through the Red Sand Dunes.

So if you are a tourist and are planning to visit Dubai then simply broaden your legacy and be ready to put yourself in desert stupendous life. No doubt, this is one of the highly recommended visiting spots for the tourist in Dubai. In short, we as tourist guides allow and offer you the flexible outdoors Dubai Desert Safari entertainment with tremendous camp arrangements. We try to give you the stride back in time and help you to experience Dubai as it was 50 years prior. Our experts are always there to guide you and will escort you on a dazzling trip in a historical center quality 1950’s Land Rover.

Except this, we believe that only Land Rover vehicle offers you a truer desert understanding and allows you to spot the fascinating natural life inside the unblemished Dubai Desert where you can clearly watch the sun drop under the skyline as you watch a bird of prey take off around you. Rest of this, we also arrange your Bedouin camp, lit with the delicate blazes of lights that adds the more beauty during the time of your trip stay.

Additionally, on the other hand, as our visitor, we also advise you, that don’t forget to get your tripod if you have a camera, so through this, you can capture the eye-catching glaring beauty of the night sky and the fluorescent morning sun desert view which looks excessively lovely.

After this long haul, lastly, if you are planning to visit Dubai Desert Safari then simply Book our services online and get yourself ready to discover more than makes your this trip phenomenal, affordable and full of breathtaking with cherish memories. Rest, for more information feels free to visit our website.

No doubt that we have a nice planet and on this planet of Earth we have a lot more to explore. The beauty of nature is expanded everywhere… whether it is the hills of mountains or the shores of the sea.

Same like this nowadays even in the last few years the main central attraction point for tourists is the junction of Dubai. Dubai has the beauty to attract the tourists more like in a sense of infrastructure, high-life, architect and well-developed buildings, beaches, hotels, zoo main fun land, Ferrari world, Jumeirah, the stupendous malls and so on and forth.

But keeping all these things aside, Dubai Desert Safari Tour is the main phenomenal point that gives you the eye-catching view. There you can explore your entire thrill and enjoy the adventures with 4×4 and ban bashing. Rest to soothe your mood there is a lot more to explore like BBQ, Traditional dinner, live shows, belly dance, Tanoura and a lot more.

So in short, if you are planning to visit Dubai and looking to see the beauty of sands then our advisors and guides are always there to help you. Feel free to hire us as we are just a call away from you and be ready yourself to recce the Dubai Desert Safari Tour with us.