Things To Do In Creek Park Dubai

If you are thinking about to have perfect outdoor fun, so Dubai Creek Park is the perfect spot to go. It is located on the edge of Dubai creek. The area known as Dubai creek connects sea connecting the port to the desert because it passes through the middle of the Dubai city Area. In Dubai, it is the second massive or we can say the largest park to have fun in. This park is covering massive or vast acres, in which there are lawns, gardens and of course for children’s there are play areas. 

Dubai Creek Park is the oldest park to be known. It was inaugurated or opened in 1994. this Park is a scientific educational park spanning an area of about 96 hectares. it has an investment cost of more than AED 16 million. This park can be the best spot for families and friends who love to see beautiful green scenery and the cool breeze coming from the sea, flipping their hairs. 

If we look in terms of the area so Dubai Creek Park holds the second position after Mushrif Park. However, if we talk about advancement by considering equipment’s and putting an eye on a strategic location, which is near Dubai downtown so Dubai creek park takes the stage.

Dubai Creek Park

As this park is located along the margin of saltwater creek. We can reach this park by the water. This perfect worth watching park is having three helipads, a cabin car, a communication centre, restaurants, children city, an emergency room and water coolers. This park is not only the oldest but the most visited park in Dubai. This park gives some unique recreational facilities too.

Dubai Creek Park is planned located in the heart of Dubai and it directly has a view of the creek from the Bur Dubai side. The Dubai creek park extends from stretches from Al Maktoum Bridge till the other side of Al Garhoud Bridge, with a stretch of about 2.5 km. if we take a look from the Deira side, this wonderful park faces the Dubai Golf Club.

The park not only has perfect locations and views to watch but also has a variety of diverse entertainment and recreational facilities. Such entertainments and activities include green spaces, children play areas, barbecue areas and picnic. If we talk about important facilities so this fantastic park has the children city and Dolphinarium. There are also so many other exciting activities, that will be provided by this park. Which you will love to enjoy.

Creek Park Gate Entrance Fees

Creek Park Gate Entrance Fees

 This gorgeous creek park Dubai has total entrance gate in the count of five. Three gates are on the main street. While two gates touch or meet the one side of Al Garhoud and Al Maktoum bridges.

The creek park Dubai charges an AED5 entrance fee per person. This entrance fee is for the management of this massive beautiful park. This entrance fee price is very low and of course affordable for every individual. The entrance fee charges are non-refundable and non-negotiable. If the visitor is coming from Dubai metro so he will find gate four as the nearest point for entering the park. Boats of tourists who come from Dubai and Deira are hosted at four berths at the park.

Dubai Creek Park Timing :

This famous park is open daily from 08:00 am till 10:00 pm daily and if we talk about summer so it is open from 05:00 pm till 09:00 pm.

If we talk about the weekdays so,

  • Visitors can visit the park from 08.00 am till 11.00 pm. (Sunday to Wednesday)
  • Visitors can visit the park from 08.00 am till 12.00 pm (Thursday, Friday, Saturday)

Restaurant in Paradise – Dubai Creek Park

If you are looking delicious food to satisfy your tummy, so there is one main restaurant in this park that serve delicious food full of flavours. There are also some snack points and stalls to satisfy visitors tummy that span across 2.6 km.

Visitors usually buy some light meals with some kind of refreshments as they pass through these stalls and snack points. As they can’t ignore the fragrance that this coming from these spots. If we talk about spots so some sharwma points and old cafes are also included.

If the visitor is a seafood lover so Dubai Creek Park is the best place for that visitor to satisfy his hunger. The visitor will find cuisine from all around the globe .visitor can buy best and delicious seafood in the creek area. So you can enjoy the food with beautiful sunsets.

Things Visitors Must Do at Dubai Creek Park

There are many things that visitors can enjoy let’s have a look:

Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium

 If you are looking for a dolphin show so the Dubai creek park is the best spot to go. It offers dolphin shows to his visitors. Thinking of making memories, so spending a lovely time with seals and bottlenose dolphins is the best of memories you and your children can have.

They use to jump from bands or hoops and jungles .they love to entertain viewers by performing various tricks .they come up with intelligent moves that are appreciated by the audience. They win the hearts of the audience no doubt.

Some visitors are lucky enough to get the chance to swim with the adorable dolphins and making it a wonderful memory. If some visitors having an interest in gathering information and learning about dolphins and sea animals, so information centres and little stars provide this service in Dubai Dolphinarium.

This place is having 5D and 7D theatre, mirror maze, trampoline room and about 20 different species of birds. Bid show also takes place in the Dubai Dolphinarium. This place is the most beloved place for indoor activities that are visited by 40 thousand members a month. Kids usually love this place. This place is always welcome its visitors with love. Visitors will enjoy their connection with nature and will learn a lot.

Visitors can host birthday parties here this area is often seen visited by school groups.

  • Swimming in Dolphinarium:

Visitors can enjoy swimming by these mammals. They can take hugs and kisses and can get belly rides by these lovely animals. Visitor can book the ticket for swimming in Dubai Dolphinarium at the rate of 630 AED per person.

  • Party in Dolphinarium:

This place is mostly loved by kids due to mammals loving nature. Visitors can arrange birthday parties. Arrangement for the school and college groups is also available.

The Children City

The Children City Dubai Creek Park

This city is especially for the evolve children’s which are up to 15 years old. It is the first United Arab Emirates (UAE) based education city. If visitors want their children to gain information with fun, so the children city in the creek park is the best choice they can choose.

 Below is the list to see what children’s can do in this fantastic place or we can say educational city: 

Children’s can do many different activities from which they can learn and develop understanding at the same time 

  • Children city provides earth science gallery, technology, a global exhibition, a nature centre. from which children can learn, discover, investigate, play and develop an understanding of the world in which they are living with fun 
  • There is the planetarium, visitors must take their children’s there.
  • This is an indoor centre, that provides broadcast material with an intention of both entertainment and information provides different hands-on- learning activities.
  • It has also toddlers play area for the children’s which are under the age of six. Games in that area are suited for their age group.
  • They also provide a theatre for not only adults but also kids. So come with kids, spend quality with family and make it memorable


  • Phone number: +971-4-334-0808

Timings of children city: 

  • From Sunday to Thursday it is open at 09:00 am and closes at 07:00 pm 
  • On weekends timing is from 02:00 till 08:00 pm.
  • Per person, the fee is AED 15-20

Thinking About Riding Dhows in Water:

If you are thinking to ride wooden dhows in water or other words wooden taxi in the sea so this park is perfect to have this ride. Visitors will love to see beautiful waves even sunsets. Visitors will defiantly enjoy the peace, placidity and calmness of slow waves dancing in the sea. Visitors are going to feel like being in royalty like in Hollywood movies. Just take a breath and ride across this perfect park to have a wonderful experience. 

There is also small boardwalk in Creek Park Dubai, which is near the dhow area .visitor should visit and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Visitors can also enjoy romantic dinner at Dhow cruise at night with a sky full of stars.

Creek Park Theater

The Creek Park in Dubai is also here in providing visitor perfect amphitheatre area. At one single time, over 1200 individuals can be seated. Isn’t it amazing?

Ride a Cable Car Dubai Creek Park:

Ride a Cable Car Dubai Creek Park

 Visitors can take a ride on the cable car as Dubai Creek Park also provide this service or source of entertainment. This cable car will take visitors to see the beauty of the area. This is the journey for visitors to experience the charm and enchanting beauty of the area, which visitors will see. This will make us view the park with a birds-eye view that visitors going to enjoy no doubt.

This is the magical 30 minutes ride that goes with a height of 30 meters into the sky. It covers 2.3 kilometers from the beautiful takes in the skyline of the old Dubai that lines the water edges. Visitors who are taking a ride in a cable car can also have a view of the Old Dubai skyline and skyscrapers that are the biggest attraction and charisma for thrillers and adventures on Sheikh Zayed Road.

  • The fees for a per kid is 10 AED. Fees for per adult is 25 AED.
  • Timings in winter are 08.00 am till 11.00 pm daily and 05.00 pm till 09.00 pm in summer daily.
  • Ladies only day is on Wednesday.

Want To Do Bike Riding?

If a visitor goes into a park and returns without riding a bike, it not seems right. Creek Park also offers its visitor perfect bike riding. While biking a ride, it will take your worries all away and will engage you with nature in a beautiful garden and flower bed.

This beautiful creek park gives visitors a bike on rent. Visitors can rent a small bicycle for two or four persons. Visitors can also get a big bicycle.

Visitors can also get their own bikes or rent bikes from Creek Park to see beautiful gardens filled with flowers and fantastic views different or various types of cycles are available for two and four persons. 

Visitors can get rental bikes as per 30 AED per hour.

Looking For Barbecue And Picnic Point

When thinking about Name Park first thing to come to mind is a picnic and barbecue this is also provided by the creek park to have fun in cooking with friends and family. It has various Barbecue spots point, where visitors can cook and grill their meals for free. 

It has also separate BBQ station that come about in the top pick BBQ points in Dubai.

Hold on They have Mini Train Ride

Visitors can also try a ride in the mini train. It is the best for those who are running late in time or want to have a ride with the family and friends. Visitors can enjoy min train fantastic ride in the specific track of the park.

Gold Shop

Visitors would not miss any chance in a lifetime to have shopping for gold at most extensive variety collections of gold in the whole world. If the visitor is visiting Gold Souk in Creek Deira, so they must bargain and not for a moment settle for the first price.

Mini Golf Park

Visitors will love to play golf in the sunshine. This park is not only having a variety of rides also an 18 holes course mini golf club; best for golf lovers. It is one of the golf place in Dubai that is also visited by Dubai residential.

To sum up this, we can call Creek Par Dubai a complete package that one can get on a low budget. it is the best park to be visited for the families and make remarkable memories 



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