Dubai Mall is a paradise for shopaholics. It’s the one of world largest Hub for shopping and entertainment. It is located right next to one of the wonders the one and only Burj Khalifa.

Dubai mall opened on 4th November 2008. The grand opening is marked the world’s second-largest-ever mall opening in the history it’s behind West Edmonton Mall.

It has over more than 1200 retail stores and hundreds of food franchises. It is a true destination for shopping. It has covered more than 1 million sqm and you will be amazed after hearing that the area it covers is equivalent to 200 football grounds.

People who love brands should definitely visit this mall it has over 70 Signature outlets located in it. For fashion, love goes to Fashion Avenue located in there and you will experience the latest in trend and vintage from the world most renowned designers and brands such as Versace and more.

For the Gold lovers, you will also go to find the finest gold Jewellery in the Gold Souk. There is also a large portion for footwear at level Shoes.

That’s not all. Dubai Mall is also the ultimate destination for family entertainment. It has a wonderful aquarium known as Dubai Aquarium and not just that it has a mesmerizing underwater zoo.

You will also find an Olympic sized Dubai Ice Rink, Children entertainment places, indoor cinema complex and many more exciting places to explore and enjoy.

Don’t forget to enjoy the indoor fountain. It is one of the most entertaining spots and most photographed place in the mall.

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