Dubai is the only country in the world that is at the earliest of the world’s tallest skyscraper and the hotel reservation list. Now Dubai has given one another big challenge to the world’s largest garden which name Miracle Garden. Dubai Properties Group (DPG) introduce a beautiful Miracle Garden in the heart of the Dubailand where 45 million flowers on display and 400,000 visitors had come to visit this amazing garden.

If we talk about the area of the Garden you will surprise after known that it’s the area is 72,000-square meter moreover 45 million flowers with different types and features are planted in the Gulf Region for the first time.

Explore things to do in Dubai Miracle Garden

According to the Gulf News, different variety of flowers colors and features arranged in amazing designing and also different shapes; however, in Miracle Garden a beautiful “flower wall” design that is known as Guinness Record.

It’s another achievement is the tallest Topiary Sculpture that is 18-meter sculpture which is the first Disney’s character that displays in the Middle East decorated with 100,000 flowers and plants and the weight of this sculpture almost 35 tons.

In every year, Dubai Miracle Garden decorate with different variety of flowers and plants with amazing design and 1.5 million visitors come to see this amazing flower exhibition all over the world.


Now in the second phase of the Miracle Garden Dubai Government include another garden name as Butterfly garden. In this butterfly garden over 40 different kinds of species of butterfly are included moreover, for managing and caring for the butterfly population, the breeding station has been built. 

Moreover, the area of the butterfly garden is around 6,673 square meter that’s the way it’s claimed that Butterfly garden is the world’s largest garden. A climate-controlled dome has built for providing a good and relaxed environment.

Inside the butterfly garden a beautiful Butterfly Museum, Educational Area, Koi Pond, Cinema and a lush garden has been introduced that is decorated with full of different varieties of flowers and plants, fish ponds and fountains birds.


Miracle garden allows different activities and attractions for the visitors. If you plan to visit the Dubai in this vocation, then you must visit this amazing world’s largest garden, this is a beautiful place with the beautiful and peaceful environment with amazing frags of flowers and colorful view.


Disney Avenue is one of the most famous places in Miracle Garden. A huge crowd is available in every time in Disney avenue different characters are attracting the attention of the visitor to visit the amazing place with family, children, and friends. The most famous iconic character in Disney avenue is “Mickey Mouse” that provide an amazing look for the visitors.

Mickey Mouse Amazing Look Miracle Garden

The 18- meter-high Mickey Mouse with decorating 100,000 flowers and plants provides amazing looks. This Mickey Mouse was built as a tribute to the 90th anniversary of the famous studio after that in 2018 Guinness world record this amazing structure of mickey mouse awarded the honor of “world’s largest Topiary Structure”.


Heart Passage is the most attractive and famous point of the Miracle Garden. This heart passage area is also design with real colorful flowers. The visitor feels very happy to take a picture of this amazing view site. The heart passage gives a long-lasting impression for the visitor of the Dubai miracle garden.

Here not a single Heart Passage is available in Miracle Garden although there are multiple Heart Passage exists. Moreover, the maximum height of a single passage is around 11 feet long, and the width is around 1 foot the whole passage is decorative with a different color of flowers.


Flower Emirates Air Bus A380 in Miracle Garden

The Emirates Airbus is another amazing view in miracle garden; this is a world’s largest passenger airliner with the characteristics of a double-deck jet airliner. The weight of this Emirates is 100 ton. However, about 500,000 flowers have been used to make this incredible structure moreover if we talk about how to time is spent for decorating the airbus then almost 200 days are spent to make this amazing look.

Seven different species of flowers are used to decorate the Emirates Airbus these species are: Marigold, Snapdragon, Coleus, Petunia, Viola, Gaillardia and Geranium. In the Guinness Book of World Records, this Emirates A380 is the world’s largest floral installation.


Here another attraction at the Dubai garden is the butterfly constructed frame that is called “Butterfly Passage”. The shape of this passage is designed as a butterfly and decorated with different colors and types of flowers; there are many wing layers used in this frame that offers a fabulous attraction for the visitor.


Lost Paradise is located in the underground area of miracle garden; its depth is about 20 feet, and the area of the Lost Paradise is full decorative with different varieties of flowers. In this Lost Paradise, many floral houses and floral bungalows that provide an amazing look and pleasant atmosphere of the beautiful world’s amazing Dubai Miracle Garden.


Lake Park in the Miracle Garden seems like as a heaven on earth. This offers an amazing look for the viewer. This lake park provides a feeling of refreshing freshness with a beautiful environment. This lake park is fully decorated with fresh and real flowers and a water fountain that offers a beautiful and relaxation point for the visitor.


If you are tired of walking in the garden of a miracle, then you looking for the place where you can rest for a short time, here in this garden several cabanas are available for the tourist comfort. These sitting areas are decorative with floor cushions and different flowers that offer an attractive spot for you and comfortable environment and help to boost up your energy level.


Floral Clock is another attraction point for the visitor; basically, in the Miracle Garden, a separate area is specific for designing a beautiful clock shape. Real flowers and plants are used to make a Floral Clock; however, in every season, the design of the clock change moreover, the high of the clock is 15-meter. This is a place that surprises viewers for a moment.


The Miracle Garden of Dubai offers a big source of entertainment where you can visit with your family, kids, and children. Different activities are available for the visitors like a trampoline for kids, weekly live shows, music, dance, and many other activities.


In the inside of the Miracle Garden a huge Floral Auditorium available that offer live theatrical events and different shows, entertainment for the viewer. This is not only to see the shows and entertainment, but rather it is also a many celebrity visiting points where they use it as communicational themes as well.


Trampoline Park is another unique creation in Dubai Miracle Garden for the whole family entertaining point. This is the perfect place for kids, youngsters, and older because this place is offered for playing and keep busy in different activities. Here, a house staff is available to looking them keep them safe when you busy to play different games and activities.


This world’s largest flower garden plan different events for the tourist you can join weakly live performance, musical shows, and parade every week.

If you visit Dubai, then you must plan to visit the world’s largest Dubai Flower Garden (Miracle Garden) and entertain with family and add different freshness experience in your life.

Moreover, other different events like Flower Parade and Zumba for the whole family are a plan that will be coming soon in next season.


There are many shops in the Dubai Miracle Garden for the convenience of the visitors. Everything is easily available in these shops related to beautiful gifts, photo booth, and kid toy, and many more. For more information, in the below list you can visit different shops.


Are you looking for the amazing and wonderful gift for your beloved friends or family or your cute kid? So, you don’t worry in the world’s largest garden a Souvenir Shop is available for the visitor of the garden.

In Souvenir Shop, every variety of flower and merchandise is available with great quality and reasonable price.


A photo booth is located in the entrance point of the Miracle Garden they provide service to take many pictures and save memories at flower house. Moreover, these booths also sell different variety of products include green screen technology, photography, and many more.


In Disney Merchandise, you can purchase your favorite Disney characters toys. Here Disney Merchandise shop different types of toys are available where you can purchase toys for your kid and gift for someone.


The timing of the world’s largest garden in Dubai are Sunday to Thursday is 9:00 am to 9:00 pm and Friday to Saturday is 9:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Children tickets under the age of 12 are of 40 AED, and for Adults, it’s 50 AED.

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