Dubai Travel Blog and Guide 2019 – Traveling around Dubai
Dubai Travel Blog and Guide

Whenever you hear the word Dubai then, of course, the image of tall buildings, huge roads, exotic cars, luxurious hotels, business hub, and most importantly a multi-cultural land. There is a lot to do for everyone in Dubai, as it has got everything for everyone to have fun.

Most of the people who visit Dubai are due to connecting flights, because of the world top Airlines in the world belongs to the Middle East, so usually, people are here on the layovers of few hours. And due to their pre-planned travel, they are already aware of the stopover in Dubai, and they already get the visa for this instance. 

Exotic Holiday Destination

But you must understand that Dubai is not a place that you can visit for a few hours and have all the fun over here, but actually, you are going to require one to two months to experience everything that Dubai has to offer. So after this, if you are planning to spend your vacations in Dubai then no doubt you have to learn so much about this beautiful land. Now, first of all, when you will land then you need to find a place for yourself to stay.

Now being one of the exotic locations for the vacations the price for a hotel room is quite high and if you must have a wallet full of cash or a bank account full of money if you want to stay in one of the top-rated hotels in Dubai like Burj-al-Arab, Atlantis Hotel, and Burj Khalifa, etc. But there are some average hotel rooms available as well which also includes rental apartments. 

Affordable Hotels

These places might not be up to your expectations but for sure you will enjoy your stay in Dubai. The best thing about such places is that you can save a lot of your cash, and also they are near to the city center which means that you will have easy access to the Taxi and several supermarkets and shopping malls. Further comes the transportation system for tourists in Dubai, and for that, there are buses, taxis, metro, and Tram.

Dubai being one of the most crowded places in the world is not suitable for tourists with families to travel on a bus, because you will always find it a bit packed. So the best option for you is to travel in a taxi, as you can get to anywhere around Dubai with comfort in a cab and at a very affordable price. But you also need to make sure to travel in off-peak hours, because that is the time when people barely gets out of their homes. 

Traveling around Dubai

Because during peak hours everyone is out for their fun and enjoyment, and you will witness a huge traffic jam of Exotic and luxurious cars. Now to travel towards Dubai the best mean to transport is by air, and for that several International Flights fly here every day.

There are basically two different airports in Dubai, and one of them is known as Al-Maktoum International Airport which is recently built, and the second one is the Dubai International Airport, and this airport is near to the city center. While the other new airport is situated in the old part of the city, and rarely being used by international flights. Most of the people use the busiest and largest airport, which is Dubai International Airport. DXB basically has three terminal which is used for arrival and departures. 

Airports in Dubai

First and third terminal are quite close to each other and can be accessed by simply walking. But if you need to reach the second terminal then you are going to need an airport shuttle. In this airport, around 70 to 80 million passengers travel through or towards every year. As this airport being closest to New Dubai so you can easily find a Taxi, Bus, or shuttle service from here directly to your hotel. Now coming to the wonders of Dubai, and for that, of course, the first thing comes in mind is their exotic beach. The beach over here is not like the ones that you will experience in the United States of America. 

Exotic Beach

No doubt the beaches over here are very clean with very calm waves in water. But the temperature over here is very high during the day, so the beaches are usually empty over here during the sunlight. And the temperature of the water is normal over here due to the extreme temperature of the surrounding. If your hotel is near to the beach then, of course, you can get here by a walk of a few minutes, but if your hotel is a bit far then you can get by taxi.

If you are a historian or you love old culture then for sure Old Dubai is just the right place for you. You will find the old Dubai near the creek, and here you can witness the traditional old houses, fort, and markets of traditional styles which gives you a glimpse of lifestyle in Dubai a few decades ago. These markets are full of spices, and gold which of course is a symbol of Dubai. But you need to be careful of the frauds, and for that purpose, you need to bargain for the money as much as you can. 

New Dubai

And this rule is not just for the gold, but whatsoever you purchase from here requires bargaining. Now coming back to the New Dubai, and for that, the main attraction for all the tourists is the Dubai Mall, which is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. And the reason that why this mall is so much famous is because this is right next to the Burj Khalifa which is another attraction in Dubai.

If you need anything even for your daily routine then you will find it over here, and besides this is a hub for all the huge brands in the world. And after you are done then for sure you would just love to visit the top floors of Burj Khalifa which is open for tourists.


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