6 Things to Avoid When Travelling to Morocco
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We have always been told to behave ourselves, either in classrooms or in front of parents and guests especially. 

You always got to be at your best behavior”, Mum always used to say.

Yeah, mum, we all heard you back then and even now whenever I try to say something vile (according to my mother) she still rebukes me like I’m a five-year-old all over again!

That dishevels me to extreme levels but then I do love my mother and I know she wants what’s best for me.

Set of Rules to Follow Now and Then

When thinking of traveling there are a certain set of rules that needed to be followed. You can’t always go marching and making your way into a new place an expect people to bow at your feet.

Things just don’t work like that these days (no matter how much you wish it to).

Showing respect to certain cultures, traditions, and values is of utmost importance. That may seem diabolical at some point but still, you need to make sure you don’t go out of your way to make yourself or the host uncomfortable in any regard.

That what I learned during my Morocco Holidays

In the Face of Morocco Holidays

Morocco is an Islamic African country. To this date, it is considered to be the most lenient of Arabian countries in the world but comparatively, to European countries, there are a lot of differences you will face. Some of them might feel it be a bit conservative to modern times but remember each country has its traditions and cultures that need to be uplifted otherwise it tends to lose its identity, its mark amid crowds. 

Morocco holidays were a blast for me and my friends. We were a mixed group of friends travelling for the first time to Morocco and the experience in itself let us confirm the rumors and myths told about Morocco and the facts.

From what we got to learn here, I would like to share it as the things that are inadvisable to do in Morocco even if you are a tourist or a traveller like me.

It will make your holidays in Morocco easier than false expectations.

  • Importance of Monarch

Like the UK, morocco has a sovereign rule of King Mohammed VI since 1999. To show any kind of disrespect to the monarch is a crime and hence you may be put into jail even though you are a foreigner.  

Hence because you are a foreigner you have to be equally careful of saying anything non-chalet when in public.

Even if you are sitting among your friends at a hotel zone (considered to be a free zone) is not such a free zone after all, so any so-called joke can even land you in trouble. So my advice to you lot is not shown any support to politics or whatsoever, you are here to enjoy Morocco holidays so do just that.

Expect the Unexpected Morocco

  • Expect the Unexpected

There used to be a time when people were courteous out of force of nature. They were humble to core and helped you as much as they could. But these days, especially in Morocco, tourists are the scapegoats that everyone seems to be after.

Even asking for a direction, and people will expect you to pay them so unless someone is offering their help? It’s better to move in the opposite direction or better yet hire a guide so you know you will be in safe hands.

But you have been warned! Con artists can easily mislead you by posing as travel guides so please be careful when opting for one in the first place.

  • North is a Dry Spell

South and west of Morocco seems to be adorned with the beaches and sands of Sahara Desert, but what truly lies in the north? Nothing?

Yea right (being sarcastic here!)

You’ve got to believe in the fact that north of Morocco is African Switzerland! And yes that’s another surprise. So don’t bother to listen to those hefty rumors that the only beachside is there or he desert is here.

When traveling to the north, don’t assume it to be like the south. it can get pretty much cold here.


  • Beachwear is Banned


It’s not Spain where nude beaches are common. Even on the beach, such a thing is considered to be blasphemy so you got to be careful about what you decide to wear on a beach.  

Wearing beachwear in an open public outside of beach areas is looked down onto. You can’t wear a swimsuit and decide to relax on a sidewalk café and then go to the beach. Even if you decide to do that, wear something to cover your torso and legs especially. Women are more prone to this kind of rule as compared to men so to the ladies out there remember to bring something modest and yet trendy for yourself. 

You can have your fun on the beach and hotel site but when in the city try to be away from the prying eyes so that your trip is all too comfortable for you.

  • No Outrageous Calls for Religion

Another of the important things to remember is that Morocco is an Islamic country, hence Islam is the most dominant religion here but other religions are residing along with it. But there are not to promote their religious teaching in public and so on.

Degrading Islam from any point of view will lead to consequences that you don’t want to face. Asking questions about the religions is fine and acceptable but doesn’t lead to any misguiding questions that may raise some eyebrows.

Besides that, respecting every religion is the most humane thing to do. And it’s our moral duty as a human as well.

Calling a nuisance is a nuisance

Calling a disdain…is outrageous.

So don’t be among those who in the ire of holidays get targeted because of their oblivious nature. And therefore, you may get to enjoy your holidays as planned!


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