Things to do in Dubai (Dubai Adventure)- What to do?
Top Things to do in Dubai

Let’s discover the top best things to do in Dubai with Arabian Desert Safari. From the high sand dunes to world tallest building. We have gathered detailed information about places to visit and must things to in Dubai.

If a person has ever allowed seeing the wonders of the world then there is the only one-stop destination that he can visit called Dubai. Yes, my friends, you heard me right. Dubai is one of the most popular and progressive cities on the planet.

There is a reason why it is ranked on the 15th list in the top 20 cities in the world. Have you ever thought about what will you do when you get a chance to visit the fastest growing and extremely wealthy city? Pretty sure everyone has their doubts because it is literally the only place you should visit oftentimes with friends and family.

Things to do in Dubai overview:

Dubai is also one of the hottest attractions right now, most people think about luxury but Dubai is the only place that offers you top class and entertaining platforms unlike you ever seen. If you haven’t visited this magnificent city then dear readers you are missing the most iconic spots, interesting desserts, extravagant hotels, fascinating heritage attractions, seductive beaches, excellent leisure, and many more.

Whether you are visiting Dubai oftentimes for business trips or coming here for the first time. All your doubts will meet a beautiful conclusion. People come here from all around the world and considering how big the city is you can take so many benefits from a range of local infrastructure and services that will make every moment spent worth it. Why not make your trip smooth and hassle-free and people who still think there are not many places to visit, and then you are wholly wrong about it and underestimate the potential of this city.

After saying this we have now listed some real facts about Things to do in Dubai to help you understand which are the most fascinating place you must visit and why you need to choose this city in the first place as your travel place.

Top Places to go to Dubai

For a tourist who loves to visits new places, it is very hard to stay in one place and he wants to enjoy his trips and basically want o see those precious places e has not seen. your wish has comes true my friends, because we are about to take you on a tour that will change the concept of Dubai in your mind and you will definitely going never going to bore and enjoy every second of it. Without further ado let’s begin to lower the curtain shall we,

Burj Khalifa 1st Thing to Do
SkyScrapper in Dubai

1) Burj Khalifa:

Location: Entry from Dubai Mall, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.

Website: Official Website

It’s time to view the unique view from the tallest building on the planet at the moment. It is one of the greatest and biggest masterpieces in Dubai. That is placed on the main city is enough to gain attraction from both local and international tourists. There is no denying that Burj Khalifa is certainly the tallest building in the world and it is even three times taller than Eiffel Tower and twice as big as Empire state building. It is also one of the most visit destinations for tourists in the world with its seductive and stunning skyscraper.

Burj Khalifa welcomes millions of tourists each year. When you visit Dubai then this is the first thing you must remember in your mind to do. Having a trip to the observation deck is quite amazing and exciting with its panoramic and best views of Dubai, it is a great place for sightseeing you must visit and you will leave with a smile on your face.

This building stands 830 meters high, that makes Burj Khalifa hard to miss. This building naturally dominates the skyline of Dubai. The true majority about this building is that it is best appreciated from close range and even better when you visit inside. If you wish to linger on a meal in the cloud then you will love the atmosphere in the clear day. If you wish to visit the moment you first take the first land on Dubai territory, you first find a taxi and tell the driver you wish to go Burj Khalifa. Here the travel will cost you just of r 50 AED depends on your location.

Burj Khalifa Guide link

Admission TypeAt The Top – Level 124thAt The Top – Level 148th
Infant (Below 4 Years) Immediate Entry AdmissionFREEFREE
Adult (12 years +) General Admission | Non-Prime HoursAED 125 – Adult | AED 95 – ChildAED 300 – Adult | AED 350 – Child
Adult (12 years +) General Admission | Prime HoursAED 200 – Adult | AED 160 – ChildAED 500 – Adult | AED 500 – Child
Burj Al Arab 02 thing to do in Dubai
The World Most Luxurious hotel

2) Burj Al-Arab:

Burj Al-Arab is the only 7 star hotels in the world right now. The iconic building is also considered the most luxurious hotels on the planet and important Things to do in Dubai. The hotel is renowned as the 2nd talent building and most recognizable landmarks for Dubai, making it the most famous tourist sightseeing destination. Burj Al-Arab also stands on an artificial island with 290 m and 930 ft in Jumeirah beach all the way connected to the mainland of the curving bridge. The shape of its structure is mimicked by the sail of a ship. It also has helipad near the rooftop.This hotel is a symbolic and iconic statement for Dubai. It is also very similar to the opera house in Sydney. For those tourists who want to visit and witness this hotel, the tourist access point is free and open to the public to come and take a picture at the grand gate entrance of the hotel. if you ever come to Dubai it is the only place you visit and checkout in a hotel with its duplex suites which ranges from 180 square meters to 1930 square feet.

Location:  Enter from Jumeira Road, Umm Suqeim 3, Dubai.

Website: Official Website

Dubai Desert Safari 3 Thing to do in dubai
Camel in Desert Dubai

3) Dubai desert safari:

The number one and majestic landscape adventure in UAE is none other than Dubai desert safari. It is a dream place that every tourist should visit with heart. You will be happy to know that this place is a complete package which portrays lavish lifestyles, cultures, and one of a kind tourist destination with unlimited entertainment. This defines that Dubai is not complete without the seductive and thrilling Arabian deserts and makes a must Things to do in Dubai. If you are new to come to the city of Dubai and haven’t checked out Dubai evening safari which is a popular adventure tour then you haven’t done anything special.

There is a reason why millions of tourists visit Dubai each year to experience the indulgence of that particular Arabian Desert. If you are love doing adrenaline rush, then this tour will let you feel the excitement and go on those amazing activities in the desert unlike you ever seen. It offers you Dune buggy off-road thrills, camel ridings, horse ridings, sandboarding, Quad biking, interacts with big and great falcons and gets entertained with Bell dancing, fire dancing and lots more. These are some noteworthy activities that will satisfy you when you visit the desert of Dubai.

Who does not want to experience this kind of excitement, especially who comes in a year? If you truly want to enjoy this kind of tour then simply book the time and date and get a fair price package to enjoy this once in a lifetime adventure with friends.

Location: Al Qusais Plaza – 215 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Website: Official Website

Dhow Cruise 4 Thing to Do in Dubai
The Most Romantic Cruise

4) Dhows Cruise Dinner:

Get ready for the most romantic dinner on a floating cruise. This skyscraper of Dubai may give you the best view from the top. But if you are eager to see new kind of views then why not hop on to the Dubai Creek that divides the city and provide you with the life experience of the beautiful Dhow a traditional Arabic boat that usually sails on the creek. you will be fascinated to see that Dhow cruise will give you a romantic way to see Dubai in the evening by the boat. Also, you will get to see a sweet and wonderful glimpse of Dubai unlike you ever seen it before.

the day is one thing, but in the night the views are more appealing and you have enjoyed some top-class romantic dinner on the boat and get to see some live entertainment shows that include, TANORA dance and much more. While sailing in the water you will have the best time and it is certainly another Thing to do in Dubai that should be on the list of every tourist.

What could be more romantic than a dinner date on a dhow cruise as it flows silently along with Dubai Creek in the moonlight while this cruise offers you various views of the old town city? You will get to see some heritage villages, golf clubs, parks, and a modern skyscraper of the city in spectacular lights. This tour will offer you a delicious international and Arabic buffet dinner as well.

Location: Creek, Dubai.

Jumairah Beach 5 thing to do in Dubai
Finest Beach in Dubai

5) Jumeirah Beach:

It’s time for you to explore one of Dubai’s biggest architectural triumphs. It is a man-made palm-shaped island and it is the only place where locals come on a daily basis. It is also called Palm Jumeirah the largest artificial island in the world and a perfect example of human ingenuity. This is the only place where tourists and locals enjoy the vast array of high-end hotels including, Waldorf Astoria, Fairmont, and many more original and special places. The notable thing about this island is that with connects with the mainland tram system and makes getting their quite easy.

There is a solid reason why it is considered as the top-rated beach in the whole UAE and must Things to do in Dubai. The island is made by the white sand beach with crystal clear blue water that makes the coastal area of the historic city even more beautiful view spot. it is also famous for being Dubai’s top-class destination for relaxation and slowly emerging top spot for dun and tranquillity.

This beach has many huge resorts such as private beaches, hotels, parks all of them connected to Burj Al-Arab hotel as well. You will get to see old style hotels and shopping with peaceful views which are fascinating in the first place. if you are coming to Dubai and haven’t thought of which destination you should visit, then kindly add this on your list because this beach will give tourists friendly environment and it is absolutely free for the public. But if you want to own a private beach then you need to buy tickets for weekends and follow some beach rules and that’s it.

Location: Jumeirah Road, Dubai.

Website: Official Website

Wild Wadi Water Park 06 thing to do in Dubai
Finest Outdoor Water Park in Dubai

6) Wild Wadi Water Park:

How about you should witness a water dance in the center of Dubai downtown with the awesome and inspiring show? This Dubai fountain is located near the Burj Khalifa and a little bit outside the Dubai Mall. it features the largest choreographed foundation system in the world. You will be happy to see that this famous water dancing show offers jets, water streams with 160 meters high in the air that you will be going to love it. There are also some musical numbers that produced with dancing for kids of all ages and adults can also take part in as well.

There are only two shows occurs one in the afternoon and other in the evening. This is the only outdoor water activity you will love every second of it. The Wild Wadi has both a cool and heated wave pool system with multiple water slides and two artificial surfing machines. This water park offers you two gifts shops and three restaurants. you want to take a different approach and enjoy some real swimming pools, then you are in luck because this is a destination you simply can’t afford to miss a highly recommended tour you should write down in your list of things to do in Dubai.

Location: Jumeirah Road, Dubai.

Website: Offical Website

Lego Land Dubai 7 Thing to do Dubai
Legoland Dubai Resort is a family theme park in Dubai.

7) Lego land theme park for children’s:

How much you are eager to enjoy one of the excellent and leading entertainment destinations in the city of Dubai. The Lego land water park is definitely the biggest tourist destination specifically for children. Whenever you and your kids visit Dubai then this is the only place that offers families to take part in Lego themed adventures with some exciting things that includes, water slides, building experiences, traditional shows, 50 rides, and much more. There is another popular ride you will appreciate for kids where you can drive small electric cars made from the Lego cars around the small road network.

Children will get to enjoy six unique Lego-themed lands such as kingdoms, adventure, mini-lands, a Lego factory, and Lego city. each of them is designed for playful and entertainment purposes to help them learn new and exciting things unlike they have done.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, opposite Palm Jabel Ali, Dubai.

Website: Official Website

The Dubai Mall 8 Thing to do in Dubai
The Largest Shopping Mall

8) The Dubai Mall:

This is a shopper’s paradise. In our lives shopping is something that plays a very important role, because as a human we have our needs and for that, we need to buy almost anything related to our needs. Many people usually stuck in their minds from where to begin the best ideas for shopping that can certainly bring benefits to their money. Some people do it for their own amusement and some only do it only for any special occasions because their way of living depends on it. According to a survey it has been seen that there are more than 85% of people loves to do shopping both offline and online and bear all the expenses of their desired needs.

Click To Read More about Dubai Mall.

We all know that everyone has their own taste and mind for buying anything particular, but it is obvious that they also want to save as much money as they want to purchase a product from worthy retailers. Shopping is the basic need of men and women they both have opposite choices. The shopping industry is growing dramatically more new affordable products and items are coming that can provide convenience to the consumers.

The world we live in has become quite modern and the economy we live in is our identity. There are some basic needs that we need to shop accordingly such as, Clothes (merchandise), foods and drinks (all kinds), Home appliances, Book sand House decoration (products).

It is in the human nature that whenever there is a special occasion arrive they usually want to go shopping to greet their loved one and express their love for them. Some special occasions add like Christmas, Holidays, Weekends, Easter, Weddings, and Engagement ceremony. They buy gifts and special deals from local retail stores at very affordable prices because it definitely can help them to save most of their money.

One of the best ideas for shopping you can help you decide what to buy and get all the details of any specific item is from social media. Everyone most of the time uses the internet and is part of the global and social communities from where you can find your favorite brands name and collections that you want and the prices are very affordable as well. You need to check all the daily updates about what new item or products has arrived in the market so you can get your hands in the first place.

Some people have the habit to shop abroad rather from their own country, they are brand conscious one that is always looking to spend too much of their money and visit new countries to see how the world is going around them. it is time to redefine the meaning of shopping.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, 4th interchanges, Al-Barsha 1, Al-Barsha Dubai.

Website: Official Website

Dubai Museum 09 Thing to do in Dubai
Dubai Museum (Arabic: متحف دبي ) is the main museum in Dubai

9) Dubai Museum:

Who does not like to see the old heritage of the places and spots gathered in one place which is certainly considered an amazing place and also the oldest existing building in the city of Dubai? This museum is open since 1971 and aims to present the traditional way of UAE. When you entered this for you will likely to see well constructed and displays that go along with it. This is where you can watch galleries and understand the culture of the land. It also includes antiquities and artifacts from both Asian and African countries.

You need to take a short tour to visit Dubai’s museum to learn also Islamic culture and other attractions of the Arabian heritage. This is an opportunity you should not miss when you visit Dubai and visit this place to gain knowledge of some of the old history of Dubai with different people and visitors may get to learn some new things about rural and urban lives in Dubai. All tourists can visit here for free.

Location: Al-Fahidi, Bur Dubai, opposite the grand mosque, Dubai.

Kite Beach Dubai 10 thing to do in Dubai
Kite Beach Dubai 10 thing to do in Dubai

10) Kite beach:

If you are looking for a beautiful and trendy trip then Dubai is the best place for you in so many ways. From its overflowing beaches with people from around the world that come here to enjoy a Sealife. Traveling to kite beach is arguably one of the best vacations in Dubai has to offer. It is also known for his great and luxury hotels, restaurants, buildings, and shops that are a must-see destination for all of you.

You have to travel to hit the waves on the vibrant stretch for its reputation as one of the best diving destinations in the world. With a colorful sea life and underwater caverns, it looks like a dive is necessary for anyone to experience something different in their lives. You will see your travel experience things to do in Dubai with friends also include some modern adventures and activities that all the part of your travel guide.

Activities are something that many people look forward to while on their vacation. Even if you are staying at a hotel, most people want to get out and see what is there to do. There are many of the great activities in you can experience that is worth to visit for. One of the best places that offer these great excursions and activities in Riviera Maya is the safest place to get out and explore. So, always feel free to go out there and see do some amazing things that you online wish for.

If you visit then how can’t you possibly visit the only street that is filled with so many great restaurants, shops, bars, and entertainment? Where you can find almost any activity and adventure you like. It will keep you bound to keep you entertained for so many hours.

  • You can go out for lunch or dinner in one of the greatest restaurants on kite beach. The food is delicious.
  • Go to the rooftop or beach club both are amazing places to relax and grab a drink and enjoy a perfect sunset.
  • One of the most popular clubs and bars in a Vegas-style that you will have a lot of entertainment dose from night to till morning. This is a must for those people who want to go out for a big night vacation.

Location: Kite Beach, Umm Suqeim, Dubai.

Website: Official Website

Madinat Jumairah 11 Thing to do in Dubai

11) Madinat Jumeirah:

There are some main points of focus for tourists that come here to see the beauty of the place. Here past meets present they are the main reason for the fame of the site. Lacks beautifully situated in Quintana state located near the Caribbean Sea in Dubai.

a beautiful resort situated on sea-based on layers of limestone. After an extended period, due to rainfalls, this layer gets absorbed by the rainwater. They created an underground water reservoir or water pools. These lakes are said to be and were the only source that provided fresh water to the inhabitants here.

Most of the series of starting from its south near the Highway. Most of the Lakes lodging are owned privately and cost a little entrance fee per person. The best are listed as:

About drive of 15 minutes from on Highway 307 lies a series of incredibly beautiful and is said to be the most beautiful among all the because the water here is clean and pure as crystal. The just at the distance of 70 meters from the gate of the entrance and is easily accessible.

The quite large and is quite thick at some points. There is also a rock present from where one can jump into the cold water. It is owned privately and can access at the cost of 25 AED, and you can get the facilities of bathrooms, changing and also a life jacket.

This beauty is close to them. For entrance here, you need to pay 30 AED, and you also get facilities of the snack bar. This one opens to a lot of sunlight, so there are also a lot of algae. The tropical jungle setting, for this, increases the beauty of this.

The third member of the list of best is known for its extreme beauty and its mystic features. This mystical has great attraction for divers worldwide. The water of this is evident in the upper 100 feet and below the 100 feet. There lies a thick layer of Hydrogen which looks like an island underwater,

Location: Jumeirah beach road, Dubai.

12)  Dubai Opera:

The largest of that are open to air and sunlight is the largest Dubai’s architectural masterpiece. It located on the main highway that leads to the opera is more like an interconnected web of several This is most enjoyable for the tourists, but those people who don’t want to dive into the cool water off will surely find other ways of enjoyment.

It is said to be Lakes shallow on one side and deep on the side, there are no restaurants nearby but a small store where sandwiches and hot food sold. There is also the facility of bathrooms. The entrance fee per head is 110 AED.

The perfect of all the Ha is a good place for snorkeling and also for diving especially on sunny days. The connected with rainbow and the water of it is evident like crystals and is also located on Highway 307 about 25 kilometers from Dubai mall, near the entrance gate and has an entrance fee of 15 AED per head.

Toilets are available here and are in good condition. There is also a parking place for your car’s depth of nearly 49 feet of 15 meters.

13) Hatta Mountain:

Hatta is like an adventure for all and if you truly want to see the historic mountain village then it is situated at the 1340km south-east of downtown Dubai. The coolest destinations that you must visit to see the Lake and traversing on the Rocky Mountains by foot.

If you are hiking experience then and quite enthusiastic about an adventure then you must visit this and don’t forget to pack your swimming suits with you. Here you will get to see lodge-style hotels, trailer parks and many other fun activities like mountain hiking, free fall jumping and many more.

15- Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park situated in Al Warqa’a, covers a massive 1.2 sq kilometers, an area twice the size of Vatican City! Using an impressive lineup of over 2,500 kinds of flora and fauna, the playground is a definite upgrade to the Dubai Zoo, asserting to become a thrilling addition to the city’s vast tourism ministry.


These are the best things to do in Dubai you must try after all it is all about having the satisfaction to enjoy destinations that certainly exceed your expectations. Take a tour and see how much it proves worthy your time.


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