Will Hoverboard catch fire?
HoverBoard Catch Fire Dubai

Will hover-board catch fire? Well, it’s the most common question comes into the buyer’s mind when they plan to have a hover-board. Not every hover-board is unsafe and it also not the case that every time a cheap hoverboard will fire up. Actually, hover-boards will burst into flames or not, it depends on various factors e.g. how and where they are manufactured, what kind of material is being used, etc. There is a proper mechanism for testing the hover-board in laboratories whether that hover-board is safe to use or not. 

Although, the actual hover-board is lots different than those which we saw in cartoon movies. But this technology cause craze in the youth. If you are planning to have a hover-board, then you should remember that they could catch on by fire and burn out anytime. There have been many incidents reported in the near past.

Here, we will tell you the reasons why do hover-boards catch fire, how to prevent it and how to buy safe.  


Reasons why a hover-board catch fire?


The major reason for the exploration of hover-boards is batteries. The reason behind flaming up is really simple. Hover-boards use lithium batteries which are highly flammable. There are so many reasons, which can cause heat up of the batteries and hence results in hover-boards explodes. 

There are more likely the chances of firing up of defective lithium battery when you set it on charging. In this case, a lot of heat is generated inside the cells which cause separation of the cell casing. Once the casing is separated, at that time no one can stop the hover-board from exploding.  

In the early years when mobile and laptops etc. gaining the popularity among the customers, there was an issue of battery exploration with such technological innovation. The reason behind this was lithium batteries are being used in them. Hundreds of cases were reported from 2002 to 2008 on these matters.  Even in the current and most sophisticated age of technology, there are still cases like this are reported. 

But the innovation and proper measurement reduce the number of cases radically. 

So, we reached a point where we know the batteries are the main reason behind the explosion of hover-boards. Naturally, a question comes into the mind, “how to use the right battery?” or “when it’s time to change the batteries?” 

Well, it’s nearly impossible for a regular consumer to check if the batteries in their hoverboard are safe and secure. The good news is when manufacturers ships certified hover-boards it means that any battery in a product is safe to use. 

Demand and Supply:

Another major reason behind such issues is the gap between demand and supply. The increasing demand for hoverboards sometime forces the manufacturer to build them in bulks. During this process, they rolled out a quality check. It could lead to many dangerous results like loose fitting, short circuits, etc. 

Another very alarming fact is, most of the small scale manufacturer use bad quality of material to save the manufacturing cost, which may lead to blowing up the board in the future when used. 


If the batteries are found safe and secure, then the next possible reason behind hoverboard firing up could be faulty wiring. Short circuit may be considered as a classic example of this.  

If a hoverboard has wires that are vulnerable and can cause a spark or worse is an alarming situation. So, it’s better to return the product to the manufacturer if you find such an issue in your self-balancing scooter. 

What can you do?

If you are planning to buy a hoverboard, spent some time searching on the internet about the brand and models. Also, check whether they are tested and approved by any competent authority or not. Keeping in mind the standard, the manufacturer builds boards that can be sold in any price range from cheap hoverboards to an expensive one.



When you search for a hoverboard that doesn’t blow up, you should follow a few perceptional measures. 

Here are some best practices you can opt to avoid fire. 

  • Charging is important, but let your hoverboard cool down first then plug it on for charging. 
  • Make sure you don’t overcharge the hoverboard. 
  • Charge with single, original charger, as the different charger has different voltage and current so they may harm the battery.  
  • Follow the manufacturer recommendation and guide. 
  • Always prefer branded hoverboard. 
  • Try to use one plug per socket while charging. 
  • Try to avoid charging all night. Inefficient charging can harm the batteries. 
  • Properly check the wire as well as the quality of the wire. 
  • Every hoverboard has the weight limits mentioned when buying, avoid testing them by putting extra weights, it may lead to explosions. 
  • Practice riding slowly and increase speed gradually day by day. 


How to check your Hoverboard is Safe?

Prepare and maintain a checklist that includes certain point’s to ensure that its safe e.g. 

  • Product branding details available.
  • Manufacturer details. 
  • Non-compliant plugs.
  • Non-approved fake plug with incorrect markings and counterfeit fuse.
  • Product review online trusted the site.
  • Charger with manufacturer details.
  • Check for CE marking. 
  • Standardize and safe battery.
  • Standardize and quality wiring. 

Which Hoverboards are safe?

In 2019, the exploration of hoverboards is still an issue for the industry. Although they have control a lot of factors behind hoverboards catching fire still it’s not a completely safe technology. Amazon has cheap hoverboards as well as expensive hoverboards from different brands and manufacturers. It recalled hoverboards that are not considered safe. 

The UL certification has helped in reducing these incidents. Still, no one guaranteed the quality of these boards. 

Is the price matter?

Many people assume if they spent an extra amount of money to buy a self-balancing scooter that will be a good indicator for a safe hoverboard. The facts are totally opposite, companies like Hovertrax and IO Hawk make most expensive boards but unfortunately unable to reach the level of customer loyalty and satisfaction. 

But it is also highly unlikely to get a defect free cheap hoverboard because there are more chances of prone to fire. 

The thing that you should keep in mind is the quality, brand, and material that manufacturers use manufacturing the hoverboards. Yes, the price does matter but only the price not matter. 


Final Verdict: 

It is believed that the hoverboard industry is the future of transportation. There is limitless scope for new innovation and modifications. We know you don’t want to risk yourself. It, not the Cheap Hoverboard that flames up most of the time but the type and brand of the hoverboard. Experts do not recommend using an unknown brand. As they believe those hoverboards might not be properly inspected for quality.


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