5 Deserts of UAE You Should Know About

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to some of the very vast sandy deserts. The deserts are an attraction for tourists all over the world, and this is due to these deserts that UAE generates a big amount of revenue from tourists.

If you are looking for your next vacation spot, then nothing could be better than investing in one of the well-known UAE deserts that would not only help to avoid the crowd and get a peaceful experience but some quality pictures too on a small budget. Here are some of the worth spending tourist spots and very famous deserts of UAE that you should definitely know about.

1. Rub al Khali- The Empty Quarter | Arabian Desert

Rub al Khali

Known by the different names like the “The Empty Quarter,” “Great Sandy Desert,” the Rub Al Khali desert stretches across different Arab countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen. The 250,000 square miles of this desert makes it the largest desert of the Arabian Peninsula. This desert is quite known for its big oil and natural gas reserves. Aside from that, the soft sand here and the big dunes make it quite the attraction for the dune basher. A mix of culture and history and a lot of folklore stories are associated with this desert. Due to its vastness, it is quite obvious that you can lose track, so it is always recommended to go with the tour guides.

2. MLEIHA Desert- The Deep Desert of Sharjah


MLEIHA Desert, also known as the deepest desert of Sharjah, is located in the central region of Sharjah. This desert is a UNESCO nominated world heritage site and is quite significant as it is home to a lot of important forts and tombs. This desert is a mix of different cultures, landscapes, and historical life. You can find a lot of prehistoric Islamic forts here. In addition, this desert has been the home to many Bedouins before, and heaps of fossils, iron tools, pots, and camel skeletons have been found here. Mleiha Archeological center is also present here that is in charge of discovering all the ancient artifacts and was opened in 2016.

3. Al KHATIM –  Desert Safari

Al KHATIM is a vast desert that is located between Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. This sandy desert is home to the big untouched dunes located about 80 kilometers away from Abu Dhabi city. Located near the road E22 Al Ain highway, this desert is best known for its desert safari activities. Due to the presence of the dunes and beautiful landscapes, big activities like off-road driving, dune bashing, sandboarding, etc., are the main attraction of the tourists. Off-road, driving might turn out to be quite challenging for first-time drivers.

4. Home of the BIG Red – Al Badayer

Home to the Big Red, one of the biggest dunes of the UAE, the Al Badayer desert stretches across Sharjah and Dubai connecting the two. Aside from its big dunes, this one is also well known for its red sand. As you go deeper into the desert, you will see how the sand gets redder and redder, and hence this is also known as the Big Red Desert. This is a big gateway for the dune’s basher and the motorcyclist, who are always up for a good adrenaline rush. Aside from that, on weekends, you can see a lot of families camping out as this is quite the spot for weekend getaways.

5. SWEIHAN – Little Liwa

SWEIHAN is another big name when it comes to the deserts of the UAE. This desert is located on the three borders of the big cities of Dubai, Al Ain, and Abu Dhabi. It is also known as the little Liwa as this one is located on the grounds of Liwa, a place for the practicing enthusiast of the Liwa. Driving in this kind of desert is difficult, especially for the new drivers as this one contains very soft sand and big dunes. With the guidance of the GPS, you may find different lone Emirati with their camels here and there in the desert. This desert is home to the famous dune called the Naqrah that is the attraction for dune bashing.

Do you want to spend a day in the desert and have fun? Join us for the desert safari adventure.

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