Dune Bashing: All You need to know about

Dune Bashing is a rough ride on the desert dunes. They usually use big vehicles (4 x 4), such as Fortuner or Land Cruiser (Toyota). It involves the driving of these vehicles at different speeds on these dunes. Dune Bashing is the movement of cars to maintain and uphold the balance while it moves up and down the dune.

It is a highly adrenaline-pumping, thrilling, and exciting activity. However, whoever is trying dune bashing should take extra safety, care, and precautions. The SUV’s used by the people during this adventurous sport contain protective gears such as roll cages. To get the maximum traction, the drivers reduce the pressure of the tires. It helps in moving the vehicle against the sand.

What Should You Wear During Dune Bashing?

Like all other activities in Dubai, dune bashing also requires some essential clothing. In other words, we would recommend you to wear these clothes and accessories for a comfortable and delightful experience.

  • Shawl, Hat, Sunglasses

Buy high-quality sunglasses to avoid scorching heat during the daytime. Light shawls and hats will also work in these weathers.

  • Bulky pullover/hoodie/poncho

Wear a T-shirt or tank top under your hoodie to enjoy a desert safari in the morning. You can even wear this stuff in the evening till night as the temperature of the desert safari drops with time.

  • Comfortable Sandals and Sneakers

You can carry and wear flip-flops, light boots, and sneakers during the ride. The type of shoes does not matter a lot as you will spend most of your time in the vehicle. You can get out of the jeeps during the stops and short breaks to stretch out your legs. Take pictures and enjoy the scenery. Light boots and sneakers can help in walking on the dunes because they will keep the feet warm.

  • Comfortable trousers and tops with long sleeves

Wear lightweight, trendy linen/cotton trousers and tops. They are a type of dress code for the United Arab Emirates and also make you feel relaxed during the low temperatures at night, evening, and morning. People usually prefer shorts, but it can be troublesome as you will carry on your journey in a cold (air-conditioner) jeep. Moreover, shorts can cause sand to stick on your body parts when you come out of the jeep. However, you can wear trousers for ¾ length.

  • Lip balm/Sunscreen

To protect your skin from sunburns, you must use a high-end sunscreen. Lip balms will stop the cracking of lips. The desert is dry and dusty, so do not carry a scented, greasy, or tacky sunscreen.

Is It Safe To Go For Dune Bashing?

Yes, dune bashing is 100 percent safe. You must fasten the seatbelt before starting the ride. Don’t drive yourself! Opt for professional drivers as they are skilled at driving on the dunes. Children under four years old are not allowed to go for this ride. 

Therefore, plan a dune bashing trip by following these rules, and we are sure you will enjoy this ride a lot.

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