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UAE or United Arab Emirates is of one the most beautiful and outstanding place for tourists. It has a wide range of beautiful views, breathtaking sceneries and many more. The most fascinating fact about this country is “this is a multinational country having a great future.”

For tourists UAE gives great chance to do adventurous activities that will surely make them amazed. Today we have picked one the most visited and awesome visiting point of UAE called Jebel Jais. 

Jebel jais is basically on UAE’s highest peak having a great Hajar mountain range. These mountains are connecting the eastern part of Ras al Khaimah (UAE) and Oman for the last 70 million years. The height of these mountains is about 1,934 meters from sea level.

 Not only its height but from color to view each of its feature is such a tremendous thing that attracts its visitors. Before explaining Jebel jais let’s have some idea about the weather of Jebel Jais highest mountain of UAE. 

The weather of Jebel Jais 

However, the UAE weather is quite fluctuating but normally it has hotter weather as compared to the other countries. For the foreigner, UAE is not a cold climatic country but for JJ mountains you’ll feel the cool breeze that all-time blows. 

One of the most fabulous views of JJ is its sunrise that gives an awe-inspiring view to all its visitors. It has been said by the locals that the range of these mountains becomes colder after sunrise and at midnight it gets chilled. 

Nevertheless, seeing the forecast of JJ we are quite sure that a visitor won’t be feeling hot as compare to other sites of UAE. In short, the weather of jebel Jais is such cool weather that offers you to do any adventurous activity without any worry.

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Dubai to Jebel journey

Normally people wants to know that how do I reach from dubai to jebel jais? Well if you are having the same question then don’t worry here we are briefing. 

Getting jebel jais from dubai is most easy and would be short journey for you. 

By road, it will be the safest and quickest way if you have a car. From Dubai to JJ all you have to cover only 145 kilometers and three to four hours will be enough to reach there. These hours can be memorable for you when you see all the scenes from that way have, and you’ll be satisfied once you reach your destination. 

Things to do on Jebel Jais 

According to personal experience and people reviews here, we collected some of the most considerable activities of jebel jais. All these activities are the best way to enjoy them there and all these are recommended for both single persons and families or groups. 

1. Idea lace for Hikers

Jebel Jais Via Ferrata: Mountains Trekking and Climbing experience.

As mountains are the most ideal place for hikers. If you have an interest in hiking then never miss this experience on JJ. You may hike on jebel jais Via Ferrata and get all the fun. All the hiking trails are well maintained to the JJ to ensure that each visitor can explore the area completely. 

Keenly, through hiking, you may also get some idea about the ecosystem of this mountain range. Rather than tourists, those people come here who are really close to nature. 

The entire distance from hiking trails is about 16 kilometers that are shared into two segments including upper and lower segments. 

2. Tasty meals with spectacular views

I already mentioned that jebel jais is entirely a beautiful place that gives peace and spectacular views to all its visitors. Each of its points has natural uniqueness that offers delicious foods. Meanwhile, you can enjoy all the snacky tastes of an Arabic country when you try to get there. 

Puro express is one the most fascinating snack point of your journey present in the center of Deck Park. You may have each of your desiring light snacks such as Pizzas, pastries, salad, burgers etc. all these items are fresh and healthy and they will surely help you to maintain your energy. 

3. Cycling at Jebel Jais mountains

Cycling at the jebel jais mountains

Certainly the mountain of jebel jais is not much larger range. Often people come here in order to enjoy cycling. For all fitness enthusiast people jebel jais is one the most leading and peaceful place to get cycle ride. 

By having the long and wider roads you may easily paddling as much as you can. Although, mountain cycling is not easier as we think. This is going to be the most adventures activity for all the visitors. 

In cycling all your stamina and passion will be tested; moreover you may enjoy race with others. Besides you can enjoy more scenes on cycle as compare to your car so, next time pack your backpack and go for this ride. 

4. Highest peak of Jebel Jais

As Jebel jais is the highest mountain in UAE. How wonderful would it be when you see yourself at the top of the mountain and imagine the downside. Well, it makes me soothing though!

How beautiful and wonderful it will be. Normally people make their plans to go to the peak of this mountain and stay there for one or two nights. You may lease binoculars or telescopes to explore the downward scenes. 

Keenly the top of the mountain is such an ideal place for photography lovers. Especially locals come here to capture their best captions so, next time before going don’t forget to take your camera in your bag. The morning sunrise, noon, sunset, a night each of the time jebel jais has a tremendous view. 

5. Camping is complete fun

As mountains are the most favorite place for camping lovers but when it comes to the UAE Mountains Jebel Jais is just an awesome place to spend your weekend. It gives you complete ease to enjoy nature. 

You are allowed to bring your tents and all the stuff that can make you warm at night there. How’ll be wonderful when you see a milky sky with great views and breezy weather? Additionally, people organize BBQ there depending on their preferences.  

If you have time then make a program of one to two nights and enjoy all time camping. 

6. Ice Skating at Ice Arena

Yes, you have heard right Jebel Jais offers an ice arena for tourists. The manmade ice arena is available in the center of the mountain that has been developed by the administration of jebel jais. People who love ice skate should have to go there once on their trip of the UAE. 

This adventurous activity can be memorable in the rising temperature. Especially when the sun is on the top then people can go to the arena and rent skates. 

7. Jebel Jais Zipline

Jebel jais of JJ is the highest mountain range of UAE compelling the longest Zipline in the world. Guinness world record book has officially certified this zip-line range. It gives a peaceful atmosphere with awesome weather. 

You all have to cover only 140 to 145 kilometers to reach there from Dubai. This is an awesome pick-nick point for families and for single persons also. From ice skating to hiking jebel jais has many more things that can make you overwhelming.

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